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Caring is in our name

Glen Dental CareCaring for patients is truly at the heart of everything that we do. At Glen Dental Care, we even make ‘care’ part of our name.

First and foremost, our team of dentists provide gentle and caring dental service. This is true whether you come in for a routine check up, a specialised service or if you are dealing with something more urgent.

Our team will take care of your comfort and convenience from the moment you arrive at our spacious reception area.  Our multiple treatment rooms are complete with in-chair entertainment.

We understand that caring for patients means looking after individual needs. Some patients may be very concerned about pain. Others may be short of time during the working week and prefer to visit us on a Saturday. Sometimes patients like to have a lot of information and detailed explanation during every step of a procedure.

We understand that everyone is unique! Caring for patients means taking care of differing individual needs and delivering service to you as a unique person with your own goals and expectations.

Lifetime care

At Glen Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing the best long term care. This may be preventative care to preserve your teeth and good oral hygiene or one of our other services. We are uniquely placed to provide you and your family with long term care through your individual dentist. Our associate dentists are all highly skilled at looking after your various dental needs so we can provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof.

We have been caring for Glen Waverley individuals and families since 2001. Recently we have grown and re-developed our premises to incorporate new technology and to maximise comfort and convenience for our patients.

We Speak Your Language

We understand that the key to communication is listening and we want to understand your goals and any concerns. What better way to do that than to speak with someone who can understand your preferred language? At our practice we have multilingual staff  who are competent in speaking languages and dialects that include Mandarin, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Shanghainese, Cantonese or Hokkien. If you wish to speak with someone with any of these language skills, one of our staff may be available to assist you.

Comfort and convenience

We have been established in Glen Waverley for more than 15 years. Our new purpose built facility incorporates the latest technology and maximises patients’ convenience and comfort. From the reception area to the multiple treatment rooms, in-chair entertainment and on-site parking facilities, we have worked hard to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Renewing smiles, enhancing smiles

Everyone loves a smile! However, some people are more confident than others about their smile! At Glen Dental we can offer services that can help you to renew, re-energise or enhance your beautiful smile. Some patients may wish to renew their smile with teeth cleaning or teeth whitening. We can also enhance smiles significantly with crowns, bridges, braces or even a full mouth rehabilitation. All these services are available to you at Glen Dental Care – and more!

Request an appointment and we’ll refer you to a suitable dentist to get the conversation started.

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