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About Dental X-Rays

For the convenience of our patients, all our treatment rooms are equipped with X-ray equipment. We are also equipped to safely operate an orthopantomogram [OPG] machine that is used to guide clinical decisions for a range of dental related works such as orthodontics, implant and root canals.

In-room X-Ray

Upon examination, your dentist may suggest taking one or more X-Rays. These type of X-rays help your dentist to identify any dental or pathology problems. Delayed identification of problems may result in reduced function of your teeth and cause discomfort in future. Early identification however, may help to reduce the risk of incurring more costly dental procedures further down the track.

Your dentist will discuss the considerations for in-room x-rays with you based on your individual need before proceeding with taking X-rays. The procedure is painless however if you have any concerns please discuss this with your dentist.


The OPG is used to provide a panoramic view of the mouth, bones and all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw with a single film. If your dentist makes a judgement that an OPG will be useful, you will be consulted before proceeding with the service. If you have any questions about the x-ray procedure and its associated cost, please raise your concerns with your dentist.

X-Ray Safety

Some patients may be concerned about radiation risk and have questions about protection against X-rays. Based on current guidelines, the use of a lead apron or thyroid collar is usually not required except for pregnant women. Another key consideration is the directing position of the beam. Our dentists are trained to make an assessment on whether protection is required and they will provide patients with risk reduction gear only if it is deemed to be required.

About Payment Options

We accept payment by cash or credit card. All payments are due at the conclusion of services being provided. However, some patients may prefer to pay through a payment plan. These types of plans are provided by third party providers. If you wish to make inquires you may contact such providers or use the link below:


MediPay Payment Plans for your Dental Procedures

  • Payment Plans up to $30,000
  • Easy online application
  • Decision in 60 minutes or less
  • Funds available same day

To apply click here or call their customer care team on 1800 810 950.

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