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Dr Lilian Shi BDS (Adel)

Principal Dentist

Dr. Lilian Shi stands out as a dentist beyond the ordinary, having earned recognition as one of the top 100 doctors globally in 2024. She is a dedicated and passionate general dentist with a particular focus on aesthetic dentistry, consistently elevating her patients’ smiles to new levels of beauty.

Dr. Shi’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of her field is evident through her extensive training in orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry. Her meticulous approach, coupled with a strong dedication to patient care, ensures that she consistently provides exceptional dental services. Her goal is not just to give her patients cosmetically beautiful, straight teeth but to reach the pinnacle of Dento-facial aesthetics.

As a fellow and diplomat of WAUPS, with fellowships in ICOI and ICCE, Dr. Shi’s multifaceted expertise underscores the interdisciplinary nature of modern dentistry. Actively sharing her wealth of skills and knowledge at international conferences, she contributes to the global advancement of dentistry, highlighting her commitment to continuous learning and the promotion of comprehensive patient care. Those under the care of Dr. Lilian Shi can trust in her exceptional skills, deep knowledge, and unwavering commitment to their oral health and radiant smiles.

Dr Rui Xi (Racey) Chen BDSc (Melb)


Dr Rui Xi graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2011. Hailing from Singapore, she speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

Dr Rui Xi enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, and has a gentle and calming approach with her patients. She is passionate about providing quality and lasting care for her patients. Her special interests include cosmetic dentistry and wisdom tooth removals.

Dr Rui Xi’s favourite part of dentistry is helping her patients smile their best smile. As a child, she had a basketball accident and experienced how one’s teeth can affect their self-confidence, and hence strives daily to help her patients smile confidently.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Rui Xi is an avid traveller and foodie who loves learning about different cultures from everyone she meets.

Dr Kah Yeow Chong


Kah studied at the University of Queensland 25 years ago and continued with further study at the Royal College of Surgeons in England gaining experience in surgery, and at the University of Melbourne, learning implant dentistry. He has practiced at many locations in Australia and overseas, and had spent a few years with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, experiencing work and life in the outback.

He enjoys preventive and comprehensive dentistry, and loves to help his patients see the great value in their oral health. This means that he will outline options that are possible with you and help you choose the best option for yourself. We are lucky to be living in the 21st century because of the many technologies available to us, from crowns to implants.

During his down time he loves to volunteer as crew, sailing tall ships and pirate ships, flying gliders (planes without motors!), cooking, snowboarding and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Dr Kevin Huang BBiomed DDS (Melb)


Dr. Kevin Huang joined Glen Dental Care after completing his Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at the University of Melbourne. An attentive and approachable practitioner, Kevin grounds his patient care in empathy and detail, taking great lengths to understand the individual needs of all patients and helping them to achieve their ideal treatment goals.

Kevin enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, from treating children to complex treatment planning and stays up-to-date with the latest clinical knowledge through continued professional development.

Outside of dentistry, you can find Kevin working on his car, snowboarding and finding the best restaurants in town. He is also able to speak both English and Mandarin. 


Dr Alyssa Lim BDSc (QLD)


Dr Alyssa Lim delights in working with the community, from toddlers to great grandparents and people from all walks of life. She enjoys interacting with people from all cultural backgrounds. Alyssa practises dentistry with a patient-focused treatment approach and has a special interest in preventive dentistry. Dr Lim provides a spectrum of treatments, ranging from routine check up and cleans to more complex procedures such as root canal treatments and crown and bridge work. She works with patients in a friendly and calm nature that helps patients to feel at ease. Alyssa will guide you through each step and resolve any concerns that you may have.

Dr Lim graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 and she is a member of the Australian Dental Association. Before joining Glen Dental Care, she gained her experience in both the public and private sectors in Brisbane and Melbourne. In addition, Dr Lim has worked in the maxillofacial clinic treating patients in rehabilitation at the Royal Brisbane Hospital (Queensland) and the International Health and Medical Services (IHMS).

Beyond her professional endeavours, Alyssa enjoys exploring different countries and cultures through travel. She has a deep appreciation for art and is always on the lookout for new culinary experiences and what better place to do that than Melbourne!

Dr Ashlee Zilan Liu BDH


Dr Ashlee Liu graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Dental Health. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

She enjoy all aspect of general dentistry. Her kind and tender personality help her to notice her clients’ needs.

Dr. Liu is also a dog lover, she is a proud owner of a French bulldog.

Dr Mary Ann Liu

Dr Mary Ann Liu

Dr Mary Ann graduated from La Trobe University and received awards for outstanding academic achievement including the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Academic Prize and The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Latrobe Dental School Final Year Prize.

Mary Ann has a caring and gentle approach and enjoys all aspects of dentistry. She has a particular interest in preventative care and aesthetic restorative dentistry (veneers, crowns and bridges).

Mary Ann is a member of the Australian Dental Association and she keeps up to date with new developments and modern dentistry techniques.

Outside of work, she has volunteered for community dental programs and oral health promotion in preschools. She has also been a supervisor for dental students in the preclinical simulation lab at Latrobe University.

In her spare time, Mary Ann enjoys watercolour painting, playing tennis and learning the game of golf.

Dr Arvinder Nanra BDSc(India)


Dr Arvinder Nanra registered as a dentist in Australia in 1986 and since then has worked extensively in all disciplines of dentistry, both in public and private practice. Her dental philosophy is prevention is better than cure any day!

Dr Nanra has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry. She enjoys general dentistry including dental treatments with cosmetic fillings, Root canal treatments, crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and dentures which can all be done in the dental chair. 

Over the years she has fondly treated children in preventive and conservative dentistry, while alleviating apprehension, making them comfortable in the dental chair and grow into dentally aware and responsible adults. 

Dr Nanra encourages everyone to come and join our family oriented dental community!

Miss Katie Nguyen BOH(Dental Hygiene and Oral Therapy)

Oral Health Therapist

Katie Nguyen graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health (dual qualified dental hygiene/therapy degree) from Charles Sturt University in 2019, she returned and gained knowledge and experience with a graduate certificate in Adult restoration in 2020 with Sydney University. Katie enjoys all aspects of dentistry and since graduated has worked in private and specialist clinic.

Katie is educated in the philosophy of minimal intervention dentistry with a strong emphasis on prevention and oral health promotion. As an oral health therapist, Katie provides our patients with routine dental care and maintenance, and also treats children, adults for preventative and restorative work.

Outside of work, Katie has a passion for golf. She likes traveling and exploring new cultures and food.

Dr Nina Tang DDS(Melb)


Nina completed her Doctor or Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne in 2017 and has since worked at several community clinics and private practices.

Nina enjoys all aspects of dentistry, and is especially interested in oral surgery and realignment of teeth with clear aligners. She believes in the importance of holistic care and finds it most rewarding when she helps her patients overcome their fears at the dentist and learn to value their teeth. Her patients know her as gentle and calm. In addition to English, Nina speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Outside of work, Nina enjoys cooking, reading and writing, and hopes to commit more of her time to volunteering and serving the community.

Dr Kai Fen Ye


Dr Kai graduated from Fujian Medical University in China and holds an Australian practice licence from Australian Dental Council. She is experienced in all aspects of general dentistry with more than 25 years of practice in both China and Australia. Dr Kai draws from her experience to work with patients from different backgrounds.  Her gentle skills soon calm anxious patients and  she specialises in helping little ones through any uneasiness. As well as English, Dr Kai also speaks fluent Mandarin. Her language skills and cultural understanding allow her to engage with patients and address any concerns.

Dr Kai enjoys her family time with her two sons. One of their favourite activities together is an annual overseas trip during the end-of-year holidays.

Dr Leo Shile Ye BBiomed DDS (Melb)


Dr. Leo graduated from the University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Biomedicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery. He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and is profient in treating patients of diverse age groups.

With a gentle and caring approach, Leo takes the time to listen to each patient’s individual needs and concerns, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care that is tailored to their specific goals. He is passionate about helping each patient achieve optimal oral health and a great smile. Leo is a member of Australian Dental Association and he keeps up to date with the latest dental advancement.

Outside of dentistry, Leo enjoys learning how to cook different cuisines. He is also keen on various outdoor activities such as hiking, skating and playing tennis. Besides English, he is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Teochew.

Mr Winston Zhang BA,BHS

Dental Hygienist

Bachelor of Arts(graduated from China in 1999), Bachelor of Health Science (Oral Hygiene major) (graduated from Otago dental school, New Zealand in 2006).

Since registered in 2006 (NZDC), Mr Zhang has been working as dental hygienist in New Zealand, China and Australia(registered since 2014). Previously he also served as a history teacher, administrator in high school, radio broadcaster and clinic manager etc. Since Mr Zhang started working at Glen Dental Care in early 2018, he has been praised by many clients for his enthusiasm, gentleness and helpfulness.

Winston has many hobbies, especially cooking and literature. He is also fluent in Mandarin and can help many clients with linguistic needs.

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