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Our commitment to new patients

When a patient comes to Glen Dental Care for the first time we collect patient information, medical and dental history which helps our dentist to establish what is already known before proceeding with a check-up. Sometimes patients also bring along records such as xrays from other healthcare providers. If required, additional x-rays may need to be performed to help your dentist to diagnose a condition. Your dentist will explain this to you before any investigational dental work proceeds.

Your comfort and convenience is important to us

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. This will allow us to record your personal and health information for our medical records. When we have all the required information, you can relax in reception area or browse information while we set up for your dentist to attend to you.

Our new purpose built facility has been recently re-developed from the ground up to incorporate the use of new technology and to maximise patient’s convenience and comfort. From the reception area to the multiple treatment rooms, in-chair entertainment and on-site parking facilities, your comfort and convenience has been extensively considered.

Give us a call on 03 9562 0323 or 9562 2123

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Our commitment to safety and quality

Every decision made by our dental team considers your safety and quality of service. We have voluntarily worked towards the achievement of an independent accreditation that demonstrates our commitment to provide patients with safety, quality and peace of mind.

Patient billing 

At any time prior to treatment our reception staff can provide you with a price range of a particular procedure. However, the complexity and cost of dental work can vary for each procedure. Discuss any concerns you have with your dentist prior to treatment. If you have health cover with private insurance or a state program having the information on level of subsidy by the provider will be very useful. All fees are payable at the completion of an appointment

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa or cash. We provide EFTPOS and HiCaps facilities that provide the convenience of instant claiming


Glen Dental Care is a Medibank Member’s Choice provider  and a Member’s First provider for Bupa.


We are also providers for:



At Glen Dental Care, we strive to provide a high level of satisfaction for every patient at every visit. We can only achieve this by reserving time and resources exclusively for the individual patient each time an appointment is made.

If appointments need to be cancelled, we respectfully request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by calling us on 03 9562 0323 or 03 9562 2123. However, if a cancellation is made without providing at least 24 hours’ notice, a cancellation fee of $100 is applied. Similarly, this fee is applied for a missed appointment either due to late arrival or failure to attend.

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