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RevitaliZe® Implants

Glen Dental Care is a leading user of RevitaliZe® implants which is a registered trademark of Zimmer BioMed. RevitaliZe Patient Solutions allow you to reclaim your life and enjoy all the foods and activities you wish, without limitations or restrictions. Chewing ability is restored close to the ability of your own natural teeth, and it is virtually impossible for your new teeth to shift, come loose or fall out.



What are the benefits?

-Eat more of the foods you love without pain and frustration

-Speak more naturally and with greater confidence

-Virtually impossible for teeth to slip, shift or fall out

-Superior esthetic for the appearance of your face and teeth

-Socialize without the fear of your teeth embarrassing you

-Care for RevitaliZe Solutions in a similar way to natural teeth

-Fixed into your mouth

-No messy adhesives or snaps to hold teeth in place

What are the considerations?

RevitaliZe® impants have been widely for more than 20 years and are suitable for most patients who are seeking a long term a solution to last them for many years. However, implants may not be for everyone! If you have brittle or damaged jaw bones or if you have some general health issues, you may find that they are not the best solution for you. You should discuss this with your dentist. Your initial consultation will confirm your suitability.

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